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Roofing FAQ

How do I know if I need a new roof?

The following are things that may indicate that your roof needs replacing:

  • Missing, cracked or curling shingles
  • Blistering or peeling paint
  • Shingle, sheathing or siding decay
  • Leakage in the attic after heavy rains
  • Stains on interior walls or ceilings
  • High energy bills

How do I choose the right Contractor?

  • Make sure the contractor is fully licensed, insured and has the ability to bond your job.
  • Never make any payment to the contractor until the job is completely finished. You should be 100% satisfied with the work performed before releasing any payments.
  • Finally be sure the contractor is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

What do I need to do to prepare for the installation of my new roof?

  • Remove all loose items from walls and shelves. The constant hammering may cause enough vibration to shake these items down.
  • Make sure to clear your driveway and items directly surrounding your home.
  • Please see that electrical power is provided to the outside of your home. If exterior plugs are not available, please run an extension cord through a window or door.

What if I have other damage besides my roof?

  • Ameripride Roofing is a General Contractor. We can also provide the following:
  • Exterior work such as Gutters, Siding, Painting, Garage Doors, Fences, Windows, Window Screens, and more.
  • Interior work such as Drywall and paint caused by water leaks that damage walls and ceilings.

How much will a new roof cost?

There is no definite answer to as how much a new roof will cost. There is a variety of considerations needed before an estimate could be done. From that information, a price quotation or an estimate could be done. Some of the considerations are:

  • Size of roof
  • Materials to be used
  • Location of house (this is needed to determine which materials would be best for the areas weather)
  • Is it for a new house or a re roofing
  • State costs and taxes
  • Type of home

When having my house re-roofed, what should I expect?

  • When removing old singles, the contractor should inspect all decking for split or broken decking.
  • Contractor should replace or re-nail decking as needed.
  • Decking should be cleaned of loose debris.
  • Contractor should install 15 Ib. felt paper.
  • Any damaged aluminum or galvanized metal edging should be replaced.
  • Staples should not be used under any circumstances.
  • All shingles should be nailed only, not stapled

How do I know what materials to choose?

  • There are numerous kinds of shingles. The most common type is a 30 year architectural shingle. The 30-year indicates the warranty period. There are shingles available that can reduce your homeowners’ insurance rate and provide a 50-year warranty. These 50-year shingles are more expensive, but often pay for themselves with the insurance reduction. Please ask about the various shingles and what benefits each choice offers.
  • When re-roofing, Ameripride Roofing will replace all plumbing vent flashings, valleys, air vents and install new flashing on chimneys as needed.
    Ameripride Roofing will supply the permit to do the job and call the city to inspect the roof, where permits are required.